Informational & instructional VIDEOS

At Neuro Rehab VR we are creating engaging and fun experiences for patients in therapy, which often can be tedious, repetitive, and expensive. The XR therapy system is a supplemental tool to the overall patient recovery plan to help with neuromuscular reeducation and to provide a greater value and ROI for adopting facilities.

The XR Therapy system provides a library of exercises suited for various different patient conditions. The transition into adopting this new age rehabilitation device comes with many understandable concerns for therapists as well as patients. The overall lack of knowledge of its many benefits and the use cases it provides, are yet to be mainstream in the physical therapy and rehabilitation world. Our hopes are that these instructional and informational videos can provide more context and showcase the many benefits of adopting virtual reality therapy from both patient and therapist perspectives.

Patient Testimonials


Virtual Reality in Physical Therapy | Therapist Talk Series

In this video series we sit down with Physical Therapist Assistant Arik Yates, to discuss his thoughts on use cases and the benefits he has seen using the Neuro Rehab VR virtual reality therapy system at the Neurological Recovery Center.


Neuromuscular Re-Education | Therapist and Patient VR Exercise Use Cases

In this video series therapists breakdown and showcase how they use virtual reality for neuromuscular re-education compared to traditional methods.